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With our online estate auctions site, CTBIDS, shoppers can browse estate sales in the St. Charles area and nationwide. By bidding online, shoppers can find treasures that are difficult to find elsewhere and families can get the greatest return on their estate sale.

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Online Auctions, with the Estate Sale Experience

For over a decade, CTBIDS has brought estate sales online. Bidding starts at $1, allowing bidders to find unique and everyday treasures for a great value. Clients downsizing or transitioning to new homes benefit from a broader audience interested in purchasing their items. Book a consultation today or visit CTBIDS to browse our online estate auctions.


Innovative Online Estate Sale Services in St. Charles, IL and the Fox River Valley Area from Caring Transitions of Saint Charles and the Fox River Valley Region

Discover how Caring Transitions of Saint Charles and the Fox River Valley Region uses CTBIDS to organize online auctions to help you or a loved one liquidate an estate in the Fox River Valley

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Estate sales can be an extremely helpful way to both liquidate the estate of a loved one and sell your own personal belongings. However, setting up and managing estate sales can frequently be expensive and time-consuming endeavors. This demand was identified by Caring Transitions, which led to the development of CTBIDS, a cutting-edge online auction platform that assists clients in the process of selling their belongings over the internet rather than holding traditional estate sales.

Where do I go from here to begin using CTBIDS?

As soon as you get in touch with our staff, we will organize a free consultation in which we will evaluate your requirements and determine the most effective way for us to assist you. In order to alleviate as much stress as possible for you and your loved ones, the valuators and photographers at our company will assist you in photographing and listing every item in your estate on CTBIDS. After the items have been listed, you will have the opportunity to decide on the pricing structure that you prefer for these items.

Options for Pricing in CTBIDS

The fact that CTBIDS provides a wide range of different pricing options for your goods is one of the distinguishing characteristics of this platform. You can ensure that your items are sold at a price that is appropriate for you by choosing from among the many options available to you.

The following are the choices we have:

  • Auction: When you host a traditional online auction, you will decide on an opening price for your item, and interested parties will compete with one another to purchase it until it is finally sold to the person who offered the highest price.
  • Fixed Price: Items with a fixed price are offered for sale at a predetermined price, and the item will be given to the first buyer who places an order for it.
  • Classified Ad: If you want to reach customers who are interested in purchasing your goods, you can advertise them on a classified ad that will display an image of the item, as well as its description, price, and shipping cost. As soon as the item is purchased, the advertisement will be taken down.
  • Buy Now: Items with a fixed price and items that can be purchased right now are very similar. Items labeled as "Buy Now" can be bought right away at a predetermined price but cannot be haggled over in any way.
  • Reserve: You should use reserve pricing if you want to sell your items in an auction but are concerned about the possibility of the item selling for less than what you were hoping for. This gives you the ability to set a secret minimum price that the bidders won't be able to see. You have the option of restarting the auction or taking into consideration the bidder's offer if the minimum price is not met before the end of the auction.

If you are interested in finding out more about CTBIDS, please give us a call at the number listed above, and a member of our team who specializes in estate sales will schedule a free consultation for you. You can also contact us online by submitting the contact form that is available on our website. We are eagerly awaiting your response to this message.


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